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Any server that allows high ping?

Guest HybridTheory308

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, so I'll post here.

Almost everytime I wanted to play at a public server, I got kicked because of high ping. It's so pity for us 56k dial-up users.. Can anyone recommend any good servers that allows high ping coz I usually got a ping around 400-500.. I just want to play online.. :cry:


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First off, If you have All Seeing Eye, It will make a list of servers from Low Ping (The ping you will have if you joinn there) to highping. Always select the server close to you. So since you are in Brunei, you might need to look for servers in nearby Australia and in the USA.

Second of all, get a job and use a DSL or cable service

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i feel for you HPB's, I really do. but sometimes people come into a server with a 900 ping, and even on dialup it should be better than that. over 500 ping is pretty useless as far as gameplay goes. You just don't get the proper MTA experience. Hopefully broadband will be available everywhere within a few years.

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Official Novocaine Clan server ;) port 2003

When theres not alot of people on the server, the max ping thing gets set alot higher or removed.. if theres nobody in it i guess you could get a few friends to play with you or something.. when its got like 10+ people.. well, sorry I cant help ya ;p

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