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changelog for 0.5


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Additions/fixes for version 0.5


• Huge increase in stability. Using the errors reported to us using the Error

Report Tool, we've managed to fix a large number of the common


• New maps for GTA3 - Shore Side Vale and Staunton Island

• Lots of changes to the existing maps

• A server browser has been added to the client along with an area to store

your favorites and a list of servers you've played on recently (History).

• New Client design - The client has been redesigned to make it easier to

use. Error messages are now more self explanatory and checks are added

to help users ensure their game is set up correctly.

• Added an in-client server that allows you to quickly host a server straight

from the MTA Client.

• Integrated the MTA Protocol handler - now mta:// links will work for all

MTA 0.5 users.

• Redesigned MTA Admin Tool to make it easier and more logical to use.

• Client Rich Text server welcome message. Allows you to display much

more information than the message of the day.

• New installation and configuration scripts for easy setup for Linux

dedicated servers

• More platforms supported for the dedicated server, including FreeBSD and


• Improved error report tool is now installed by default (though optionally).

Vice City Deathmatch

• Fixed the spawn menu bug where it would crash when you re-entered the


• Re-added the moving camera in spawn menu

• Added checks to prevent the checking of non-existant objects, which

resulted in Unhandled Exceptions

• Disallowed jumping while holding stubby shotgun and grenades

• Disallowed crouching while firing any weapontype

• Decreased stubby shotgun damage

Vice City Stunt

• Took the altered VC DM map and re-placed all vehicles/ramps

• Added RCbandits

• Includes Nitro for some vehicles

• Added ramps on request

GTA III Portland

• Removed 12 Vehicles from the map for stability reasons

• Vehicles now respawn properly (they no longer appear damaged)

• MTA Turismo now starts by selecting it at Ammunation

• Ammunation prices adjusted

• Added Unique Stunt Bonus and Insane Stunt Bonus rewards (does not

work for Dodo)

• Added checks to prevent the checking of non-existent objects, which

resulted in Unhandled Exceptions

• Increased Colt damage

• Increased Uzi Damage

• Decreased Shotgun damage

• Moved an Ammunation to the (single player) players safe house

• Added a few Pickups (Shotgun/Uzi)

Additions/fixes for version 0.4.1

• Fixed massive bandwidth bug that caused about 3 times too much


• Minimized freezing in GTA3 by removing weather sync (for now)

• Partially fixed GTA:VC’s spawn crashing problems (less crashes)

• Various other tweaks and fixes here and there

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