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Install GTA VC Twice?

Guest olsalesd

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Hi. Just a quick question...

Is there anyway (I have been working on it and cant find a way) to install Grand Theft Auto Vice City twice on my computer, use one version for mta, and use the other for like car and weapon mods?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Alright thanks. I thought i tried that awhile back and it didnt work but I probably made some stupid copying mistake and missed like 1 file... :shock:

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Easy. Just copy your vice city folder and use one of them for mods. I like to call my other folder GTA VC modded.

^^ what he said. also, you can have 10 installs of vc (disk space allowing). look at my rockstar games folder:


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Why can't you have more than 10?

i didnt say you couldnt, i said you only could if your disk space allowed it.

so if you have a 10gb hdd, your not gonna get more than 5 installs (based on having other software on the pc too)

whereas if you have a nice raptor 400gb hdd, you can get QUITE A FEW INSTALLS OF VC!!

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