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Tired of Carkillers?

Is my idea any good?  

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Do you feel annoyed by carkillers? I sure know i do.

That is when i came up with a brilliant idea.

Mabye, in a future version of MTA, You could have a battle stadium of some kind. There would be no cars, and all the players would have all the weapons they need stored in the underneath of the stadium. You could enter the underneath of the grandstands, and hide in the rafters, waiting to kill anyone who came by. Also, if the other islands were removed, This should help those with lagging problems.

Does this sound like a good idea?

BTW, this is for GTA3.

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I have no problem with car killers....There is only a 3% chance that a car kill can even come CLOSE to hitting me

U wont say that when u be in the middle of a frenetic fight and some noob runs over u causing that your rival/s kills you before 1 or 2 minutes fighting like a mad-psycho.

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i do get annoyed by them, but mostly they miss anyway :P

Not only can they not fight (hence why they resort to car killing in the first place), they can't drive either :P I often find that they take ages to turn the car round after they've missed me, which makes it easy to damage it.

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