Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 released!

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11 minutes ago, Simple01 said:

Did this happen to you in previous versions? Cuz if I remember the cache got updated everytime a resource was restarted.

No, this only happened when I installed 1.5.3. Also, there's a bug with maps, while playing at a MGM server, the objects randomly move up/down and rotate.

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15 hours ago, Gravestone said:

When I turn on MTA 1.5.3 server, it shows me this error


Usually that means there is already something using that port. 

In this case probably another mta server. 

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hm, is it possible that playing with 1.5.3 client on a 1.5.2 server causes fps drops? Before updating I could record with 45-60fps with bandicam, now it's down to 35-45.

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On 10/26/2016 at 11:52 PM, Krytyk said:

How to fix it?


@CodyL this is what I was talking about, 'break dancing object' haha. The objects are also being moved upwards and downwards.

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On 20.10.2016 at 7:01 PM, jhxp said:

If you want to use ENB mod in 1.5.3, please update it to a newer version if your current one does not work.

I usually play with the second newest ENB version (v0.248). - Didn't work on 1.5.3
Then I tried it with the newest (v0.306) didn't work either

What is that? Do I have to change something in the enblocal.ini for working?
Please fix that.

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