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I dont understan this...


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I have installed game and MTA vc 0.5 But when i put all seeying eye i get servers and if i join one then i get normal game start. Instead of starting multiplayer game i start single player. I uninstalled and installed everything and still the same problem.

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Ok what should i do.... can u help me out on this one because i am kinda well dumb.


Ok now i started from client. I pushed start game button and it gave me error.

IT says invalid executable. Please ensure you have the correct executable installed. What does that mean????

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i have original VC but i dont have discs anymore so i downloaded no cd VC crack and it gives me error???? DO i need another exe download or what???

I believe you need to copy some of the files from Disc 2 in order to get the crack working, which you can't do as you don't have it any more.

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damn this is getting complicated. The single player works fine so the crack is working. But the multiplayer is another story.... If i want to run game under MTA it gives me invalid executable error...

I think its somekind of version error because sometimes my MTA tells me that he failed to detect game version and puts it to default version.

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