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hey your first .3b video was better

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Well, of course, the video made most recently was just a small clip, without all the stuff shown as in the first movie.

There'll be all the guns.

If you're talking about damage modeling (or lack thereof) in the new movie, then it was a design option. Less to sync, and all the cars would look the same on all comps.

personally, if I were a mod, I'd lock this topic...

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unfortunantly your only an mta fan, me ;-P

Ill allow constructive critisism

Damage moddeling syncing is damn hard to do im guessing, they are rushing the release of 0.3 already, maybe 0.4 will have it?

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but i remeber..the old version only had 32 players...the new one is like 36 max...

Oh damn, you last four people are gonna have to wait for the next game... lol

Seriously tho, I think a 32- (or 36-) player game of MTA would be kickass! Unfortunately I was not able to get the closed beta so I wouldn't know. Hopefuly .3 will come out soon!

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