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April Fools

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  • MTA Team

For those still in doubt, yes DownTown was an April Fools joke. For those thinking you were alone i got some good news, in fact i got some mails:

I hope you finish MTA, and then release the source code. I am

expecting a heated reponse, but please take this in the spirit it is

given, as a friend.

I think the are some ego's in MTA development (aren't the always! I am

a staunch proponent of open source applications - I love the idea of

MTA, but it is greater than a 1 man effort).

The closed 'betas' were another sign of the wierd infrastructure of

MTA's development. In a commercial program (I work on commercial

developments with 00's of million lines of code) closed beta or

rollouts of experimental branches are necessary to let good customers

test it for us.

In a beta mod for a game, it isn't, throw it out as 'please test our

alpha!' and let those who choose the alpha testing help you...

Now, I hope things go well for you, I hope this decision wasn't

because you couldn't finish some things, Iook forward to your last


As for engines, why keep it a secret? again, wierd. Anyway, I am a

decent developer, I use http://www.ogre3d.org/ which is good.

I guesse dyou might be using this, is that true? tell me if it was, if

you decide to take ogre route now, tell me what your original choice


GTA actually has the perfect engine for outdoor cities, I guess you

meant in your front page letter that the way you could control it was

too limiting (i.e. hacking around it) not the game engine itself.

Anyway, give me some more details, I have a small game I wrote pre GTA

1, which was a hanging around MUD style game where you could steal

cars, was in 2d gta1 style graphics!

http://www.cubeengine.com/ < good also, don't forget, above all, the

game concept is the most important. I think you are less for mission

based, more for multiplayer based or MMORPG based ideas (which require

different network code).

OK I'll shut up :-)

good luck


He mailed back 4 minutes later

ok disregard my last email... :Oing april 1st... hey does it count,

I am in a different time zone... *slaps forehead* good one.

hey my comment on ego still sticks though guys, I know it is tough,

but developers like me don't want to buddy buddy in to see if we can

help improve code or throw ideas at you! if you setup sf.net account

you can control all patches and submission and maintain creative


Ciao for now

Next one:

Ok first of you kinda fooled me!!

But if you ever decide to make a game like this I can surely help out

with Cape Town. Seeing that I live there :)

Anyway I like the way you putted up "April Fools guys" next to the

nedstadbasic icon :)


And the all american response (no offense intended)


You should really make all those towns real towns. Change Cape Town to


Change Brussels to Boston! It would be much better!

And a novice one:

I've had some experience with Counter-Strike mapping and can probably handle a GTA

themed map. I really want to be involved if its only to test... I feel my mapping

abilities are pretty novice considering i've only handled one game... I am always

willing to learn a new games mapping and would gladly except someone to help me get

used to the new enviroment.





Expanding the team with a coder:

Hello, I have been using MTA for a long, long time and I must say - it's

is absurdly awesome :-)

Anyway, for DownTown, I know C++ and am even as we speak working on

OpenGL and OpenAL things, so I was thinking that I could help our with

your project wherever you needed help from time to time.

Also, I might recommend using SDL for the game to be farther

cross-platformed (http://www.libsdl.org) it uses OpenGL, even - I just

find that using it with its threads and such is very easy.

- Codemaster

Someone with doubts and who already has an opinion about a non-existant game

downtown sucks bring back MTA

this better be an april fools joke

For those who have offered to help i would like to say : Thank You. And this is not because you guyss fezll for it. If we ever start with a new project that would require your skills we will sure start with you guys

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  • MTA Team
HEHE I'm happy I didn't even get fooled for 1 second lol.

Gimme 5 mins I could convince you the world is square :roll:

what do u mean by that....omg that guy WASNT serious, gah i had a feeling he made that thing up.

anyway, couldnt the mta team find use in a c++ coder xD

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