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Details of MTA Team's Downtown have been few and far between until now. Readers of PC Gamer in the U.S. have had access to the first few images of Downtown and to a few details about the game. The images were quickly scanned and posted on gengamers.com, although they were removed just as quickly when word got out.

The most remarkable feature of the game, as depicted by the images, is the similarity with Tetris, no surprise there since Downtown will use iDs Tetris engine.

The Downtown details revealed include some surprises regarding MTA Team's choice of storyline. The developer has decided to make Downtown a sequel to Pong, picking up the storyline just hours after Pong events unfolded. In the game you will have solo missions but a large part of the gameplay will involve large battles where your fellow Hobbits will be essential to your survival.

According to the Downtown storyline then, you will be part of an expeditionary force sent to attack the Microsoft Programmers. Your arsenal will include some of the traditional Tetris weapons such as the machinegun, shotgun, nailgun, tomatoes and hyperblaster. Another innovation for the series will be the ability to command animals in various stages of the game, even though these will most probably not be available in multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer will, apparently, be very similar to Pong, although the developer will definitely have kept some plans secret for the time being. Expect further details on multiplayer and in general about the game, to begin appearing following the recent previews.



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Here is picture of main character...hes real gangsta and believe me such dude is real ice-cold killa


Also here is nice piece of art from our future game:


I hope u enjoyed it..and another cool news for u...everyday we gonna release screenshots to keep ya happy....100screens a day gonna keep ya shacking

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