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SSD VPS, Dedicated servers, SATA Storage, Game servers by 99stack hosting

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Welcome to 99Stack™, the affordable and reliable cloud hosting provider located in the sunny town Karlstad in Sweden. Our vision is to make cloud hosting simple, affordable and transparent without overselling or hidden fees. Today we're connected to 28 cloud data centers with worldwide availability, and we are constantly looking for new markets. Choose between 32 different server plans, 24 operating system images (Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD etc..) or 30+ application images. Select additional features such as dedicated DDoS protection, IPv6, backups, live snapshots and many more.


  • Compute VPS, from $0.009 per hour. VPS plans with extra processing power
  • SSD Cloud VPS, from $0.009 per hour. Balanced and generic VPS plans
  • Memory VPS, from $0.18 per hour. VPS plans with extra memory (up to 256GB per server)
  • Dedicated servers, from $0.09 per hour. Dedicated cloud, without noisy neighbours.
  • Storage servers, $0.009 per hour. Affordable small VPS plans with large SATA disks.
  • Domain name, via Namecheap
  • Shared web hosting, by GreenGeeks (100% powered by wind energy). 

Multi Theft Auto server hosting advantages

These are some of the benefits you will gain by hosting in our cloud instead of a typical shared plan.

  • Pay as you go with hourly billing, no setup fees, no period of notice, start and stop at any time, pay only for what you use.
  • Run as many mtasa servers as you want without extra charge
  • Pick as many player slots as you want without extra charge
  • Use any ports you'd like and enjoy your own dedicated IPv4 address
  • Dedicated DDoS protection available within the same data center, to avoid increased latency.
  • Full encryption on everything from control panel to remote terminals and file transfers via SFTP/SSH
  • Database and community website can all be hosted on the same server

Dedicated environment

We use 100% KVM virtualization in our cloud and all system resources are mapped in a 1:1 scale. The specifications listed on our pricing pages shows what you are paying for and that's exactly what you get. Thanks to this we don't need any "fair use policies". If you need to load your CPU to 100% you can do that. If you need to use all your RAM, use it. If you need all your disk space, use it. If you need all your bandwidth, use it. All system resources can be fully used all the time.


Learn more about us and our services on our website:

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Lower pricing, updates to information
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I'm trying to figure out what option would be cheaper between a $7 VPS or a shared plan from $1, Without knowledge about what servers you're using in the shared environment what amount of performance may I expect to get there? any recommendations? and please don't just suggest a VPS because it's more expensive thanks.

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In the shared environment we allocate a certain amount of performance to a certain amount of player slots in relation to other plans. In reality this means that if you buy 50 shared slots for $1/month you can expect at least 128 MB RAM + 256 MB SWAP, 2GB SSD storage including backup and 15% of 1 CPU core running at 3.6GHz reserved. If you buy 350 shared slots it'll cost you $7 / month and the reserved performance would be almost the same as in our currently cheapest VPS plan.

We do not oversell but the shared environment has it's disadvantages too such as missing features, i.e you can't install any additional features such as a web server for your community website, shared plans lacks in security and reliability as we can't sandbox the servers the same way we do in our other plans. When you choose a VPS or dedicated server you are guaranteed the performance you pay for while in the shared environment it's only a recommendation to stick to the limits within a fair usage policy.

Based on that I would recommend a VPS or dedicated server unless you need something really cheap. 

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I wouldn't say "not oversold" if I didn't mean it, here's some benchmark results from a blank $6 / month VPS performed just a few hours ago:

wget http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test
100mb.test          100%[=====================>] 100.00M   140MB/s   in 0.7s

2016-10-17 08:56:50 (140 MB/s) - ‘100mb.test’ saved [104857600/104857600]

Bandwidth: 1Gbps is the specification on all plans, 140MB/s is 1120Mbps which is bigger than 1Gbps (1024Mbps)

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 | md5sum1024+0 records in
1024+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.82977 s, 379 MB/s
cd573cfaace07e7949bc0c46028904ff  -

CPU: To measure CPU performance I'm using the `dd` command to calculate md5 checksums of 0 to see how much data is processed in a certain amount of time. As you can see, the result is 379 MB/s for a single 2.4GHz vCPU core. According to this site you get 469 MB/s on a 3.6GHz AMD Phenom II CPU by running the exact same command. Conclusion of that, our vCPU cores are 17% more efficient than they should be according to specifications.

dd if=/dev/zero bs=4096 count=256k of=1gb.bin conv=fdatasync
262144+0 records in
262144+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.66317 s, 403 MB/s

SSD: This is where it all becomes interesting, no matter what type of disk you use for a VPS it will always be shared somehow, this disk is no exception and what you see here is a 15GB virtual hard drive running on a 120GB physical SSD and I'm still getting an average I/O of 403 MB/s which is good even for a physical local SSD drive.

Feel free to try it out yourself @Adolf_T, our service is a pay-as-you-go service so a few hours of testing won't cost you more than a few cents. www.99stack.com/pricing/vps

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Creating a new VPS/VDS/storage server has never been easier and further improvements can be expected soon, here's a preview from our game ready VPS deployment configuration panel. On the software side we've also added CentOS beside Ubuntu and Debian.


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Black Friday offer starting in about 30 minutes from now. 20% off on all plans ordered tomorrow and the discount applies for as long you choose to keep your server online. Do not miss this great opportunity!

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@iPrestege MTA servers are still available but they will no longer run on shared servers. When you click on "game servers" you'll be redirected to www.gameservers.com, a different company who is now fully responsible for the shared game server hosting. Unfortunately they don't have MTA servers so you'll need a VPS or a dedicated server for that which we have here and here. A universal installation script for all Linux distributions will be published in our knowledge base in the beginning of next year. 

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January update is finally here, read all about it in our forum post: https://forum.99stack.com/d/81-new-plans-and-locations-available

News summary

  • 14 new VPS configurations available in 12 new locations
  • New data centers available in Canada, Singapore, India
  • IPv6 and private networking is now free
  • 50% off on dedicated DDoS protection
  • All prices are now viewed as hourly
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Backup snapshots and improvements in billing history is now available, a transaction page has also been added in where you can trace your payments and their current status. That and many other minor improvements has been made to the layout for a better overview of your active services.


We've also added support for http2 to our control panel/dashboard which made it load 3 times faster than before.

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Thanks to lower operational costs we are now lowering our prices, especially on our big plans. Here's some examples:

Compute VPS (squirrel)

  • 25 GB SSD, M.2 storage
  • 1 vCore at @2.4GHz (Intel)
  • 1,024 MB RAM
  • Backup & live snapshots (from $0.002/hour)
  • Dedicated low latency DDoS protection (from $0.015/hour)

For reasonable $0.009 per hour

Compute VPS (hedgehog)

  • 40 GB SSD, M.2 storage
  • 1 vCore at @2.4GHz (Intel)
  • 2,048 MB RAM
  • Backup & live snapshots (from $0.0034/hour)
  • Dedicated low latency DDoS protection (from $0.015/hour)

For reasonable $0.017 per hour (save $0.001 per hour compared to squirrel)

Compute VPS (rabbit)

  • 60 GB SSD, M.2 storage
  • 2 vCore at @2.4GHz (Intel)
  • 4,096 MB RAM
  • Backup & live snapshots (from $0.0064/hour)
  • Dedicated low latency DDoS protection (from $0.015/hour)

For reasonable $0.032 per hour (save $0.004 per hour compared to squirrel)

Compute VPS (beaver)

  • 100 GB SSD, M.2 storage
  • 4 vCore at @2.4GHz (Intel)
  • 8,192 MB RAM
  • Backup & live snapshots (from $0.0124/hour)
  • Dedicated low latency DDoS protection (from $0.015/hour)

For reasonable $0.062 per hour (save $0.010 per hour compared to squirrel)


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Shared plans may return sooner than expected. I can't reveal to much information about when or how it will work but it will be different from traditional shared solutions. High security and privacy will be the main goal so expect a solution without accounts and passwords that can be forgotten or hacked. Thanks to simplicity and the usage of our own cloud infrastructure, prices will start from as little as $0.5/month. 

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