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The MTA crew maybe could make a dedicated server with 4 gangs, with 8 players on each, seperate the map in 4 areas. Then make sort of competion out of it. All gangs who wants to participate signs up. Then all registered gangs would compete with each other and the 4 best gangs would be playing on the dedicatet server for some time. Then it all repeats itself and again the 4 best gangs would be playing on the MTA server. Then the problem is solved, and every gang would train to get better and better. It would be like an real-life city,

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ok ok preety much VCK gets ALL of Portland and tha tiny house area in Shoreside because we (I believe, dont quote meh) r teh largest gang to date...Mikiro, for some odd reason, aint claimin alot of shit and I dunno y so let meh do it for him...lol

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takes brief case from Johnny. takes a look inside. "hey, there's nothing but.. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM in here! Well, I was wanting to try one of those Spam-burgers. thanks Bill!" I'd like to think that the VCK will invoke both fear and respect from other gangs. Respect us or fear us if ya don't show respect. VCK 4life!

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