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MTA Colour Bug

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This has been brought up before, by me :P, It just happens lol, you can fix it by either 1. Upgrading to SP2 (gay way) or 2. Setting the compatibiliy for MTA to Win 98, you will get an error message each time you start the client which caused me to set it back after a while lol, but it is an easy fix to it. As i have said before tho, fix it for 0.5.1 plz team hehe.

If you don't know how to set the compatibility, Right click the MTAClient icon and go to Properties, under i think the middle tab will have at the top a dropdown box, choose Win 98 and ur off ;), if you can stand the error messages :P

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o right lol, i just heard sp2 was a bit crappy but i guess security is better, it would stop my n00b brother

:o up the comp as much :P

The people with the problems have the loudest voices :roll:

I haven't had any problems at all. Sometimes problems can occur from conflicts with software already on your system. I haven't heard of anyone having problems from a clean install. My advice: before you install, close all apps and run spyware and virus scans. I remember seeing something in the MS Knowledge Base that said that spyware had been known to have an effect.

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I hate the noobish type features in sp2 like 'security center', but robpol86 told me how to disable that crap

okay.. maybe thats noobish of me, but I dont wanna remember how to do things every year :P I forget tons of computer info sadly

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