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Setting up Server behind Router

Guest Ephialtes

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I have the DG834 Router. I have the server set to port 2003. If any of you know about routers, i created a service with port 2003 on UDP. I also added it to the inbound rules to my computer (permanent ip) which is running the server. When i try to connect using my ip, and port 2003, it doesnt work. But if i do (on a pc on my network) and port 2003 then it works fine. Anyone got any ideas of how to open the port number on my router?



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I can do all the technical bit, but the only problem is that the router doesnt actually open the port. I scan it with a port scanner after "opening" it. and it says it is closed. I tried emailing netgear, but they havent replied. I was wondering if anyone else had this trouble before...

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if i remember correctly, you forward 2003 and 2126 usd (+123)

i think you also forward 2004 (+1) for something, i think it was to query the server so it will be listed, dunno. but i do remember those 3

+0 (2003)

+1 (2004)

+123 (2126)

all udp

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