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banned from school??

Has your school banned the MTA site?  

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  1. 1. Has your school banned the MTA site?

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omg, my school banned http://www.multitheftauto.com!!!

look at this:

Access to the requested site is restricted at this time.[unit 3]

To return to the last non filtered page, please click the button below.

The URL requested has been categorized as: Criminal Skill Site

this is so bullshit

anyone kno how i can get around this?? i like to keep upto date on forums etc. while im in class (no, i dont do my work, why do u think im still in this school????)

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OMG, and did they ban the gta official website or any other gta page?

because if they ban a gta mod's page..... :roll:

anyway, I think they didn't ban it from mine, but I'm not sure :(

but can't you keep up to date when you come back from school? in 5 or 10 minutes you can view all posts and reply 3 or 4 :wink:

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lol - criminal skills.

And today in bandit camp, we are going to play gta3 and learn how to shoot people's heads off with a variety of easily accessable black market weapons - after that is reckless endangerment 101, molotov training, and offensive driving.

Yes it should be banned, but in that category?

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yeah i got around it later that day, at the gta:mta main page, if i clicked "Click here to enter" then thats when it getz blocked

so instead i clicked one of those flagz at the bottom, then clicked on the forums and it worked

but i cant read the news... but itz all go0d lol

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hehe lol ye, when I was still in highschool the sysop used to block several sites aswell. But i think its just counterproductive, people will get to that site anyways, either by IP or by a redirect with 100% framewith :)

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do mta at home damnit, study, do all your homework, then play to ya hearts content

no-one should be playing this when they should be studying, uncle xerox is right isnt he? <--- wtf? :roll::P

"yes unki xerox" :P

Man i must be on some really good sh*t =)

anyway!!!!! - stop posting during school hours unless you are posting constructive comments. Any flaming from school computers will mean the school will be banned from our end =), +bbb *.edu, muahahahah! =P

ignore this one, im just bored =)

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slothman to the rescue!!!

you need something called a proxy to get past any filtering software. there are various ones around the net, but the best on is actually supplied by google!

step 1: http://www.google.com

step 2: click on language tools

step 3: type in the adress and have it translate it from some other language

step 4: welcome to the unlimited internet

i got in some trouble back when i was in highschool telling people how to get past filterware. i didn't learn my lesson 8)

some reference material:


the internet is for everyone, not just rightwing christian fanatics

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the great thing about google is that the school won't block it. cause its freakin google!

for hotmail, what i did was simple. just get a copy of the main page on disk or at another site (geocities) and use it to log in. you need to redownload it every once and a while, but it worked like a charm.

of course this depends on which filter is on at yer school.

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to be in such a crappy town, my skools filter is kinda good (for them). all the sites i couldnt get to have their domain names blocked as well as their ips. i tried https on some but it wont work. they knew about megaproxy before i did but they forgot to block it again after sum1 killed the filter

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