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Aeron has some skeletons in his closet....


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+1 for the robpol remark

and as for the rest, who cares? - me enough to lock this thread =P

each to their own, but I guess its an excuse for yankees to stop viewing my *err* his dwarf beastiality porn vids =P


:arrow: Thread Closed

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Notice in which page it's captured: 'http://home.deds.nl/~aeron/stats/usage_200501.html'.

Thats my stats page, that captures al things including Referrers.

Look on the 13st place: http://home.deds.nl/~aeron/stats/usage_ ... ml#TOPREFS

We got some mirc-scripting scum-bags :P

THUS, the map wasn't on my ftp.

And take a 2nd look at the image: Is't it strange that the 'File-name'-files are on the 'Link-Text'-url ;)

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Top 10 of 10 Total Search Strings

Search String

64.71% inces incest ncest

5.88% gta mta cracked

5.88% mirc admin scripts

5.88% mta.data.ini

2.94% mta mirc admin

2.94% mtavc scripts

2.94% multi theft auto aeron

2.94% multi theft auto mirc

2.94% multi theft auto mirc admin

2.94% multi theft auto mirc scripts


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lol i didnt do this, i have no idea what those stats are, i just found the picture. and whoever sed sumthin about we watchin porn, every time im online im watchin porn so ha :P . the guy who "hacked" that thing or w/e the fuck he did is banned from these forums, take a guess :roll:

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