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I have a question about cameras and objects


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First of all thanks for taking your time to read this. 

Back to the question i wanted to make a script that when someone logsIn the camera targeted an object and follow the object as the object moved instead of targeting the player then when the object stoped that the player spawned there where the object stoped. My idea with this was to make a mini intro. But i can not get the setCameraTarget to go to the object and i tried the setCameraMatrix to the object and it works but when i move the object the camera does not follow i already tried with a setTimer and a function but i cant get it to work 

Note : i dont have a script to post 

Thanks again for reading this i hope you can help me ☺

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3 minutes ago, Bonsai said:

You will need to do that using the "onClientRender", or better "onClientPreRender" if mouse movement possible, events.

setCameraMatrix only sets the camera to a static position, so you need to update it on every frame.

So i have a login panel on my server,if i do "onClientPreRender" will it be trigger when the player joins also ? Because i wanted to be trigger when the player LogIn

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