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Traffic lights objects


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This is maybe a stupid question but maybe some one have a traffic objects map? or where it can be parsed?

I have checkout an IDE, IPL files from original GTA:SA game, but i didn't found where it can be defined (dynamic traffic object with positon and rotation, i guess it maybe stored in gta3.img, right?).

local aObjectIDs =
	1262;	-- MTraffic4	mitraffic
	1263;	-- MTraffic3	mitraffic
	1283;	-- MTraffic1	mitraffic
	1284;	-- MTraffic2	mitraffic
	1315;	-- trafficlight1
	1350;	-- CJ_TRAFFIC_LIGHT4	CJ_traffic
	1351;	-- CJ_TRAFFIC_LIGHT5	CJ_traffic
	1352;	-- CJ_TRAFFIC_LIGHT3	CJ_traffic

I want to make a workaround to fix this issue: https://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=9387 
I Need check if vehicle near the traffic object and get object rotation.

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