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You are doing a great great GREAT job man well done 

I support you

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oh buy the empire

the empire will be something like vice city stories

look at youtube videos it will show you how the system works

i will create something like that but a bit improved

My version:

1.You fight with gang members

2.You take the empire

3. there is a change that they can attack your empire or other players can

4.you empire can be broken

5.if you won't fix it in 2 days other people can take it over

6.you can also make money from it 

7.you can hire people (not players but bots) which will make for example: Drugs and you get money from that

8.you need supplies , when you click the resupply button it will start a mission where you need to steal a vehicle

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ehh thats too much work

i think i will do 2 servers istnead

one in modified los santos (classic server) and one in vice
there are 2 reasons:

1.some people still have fps drops

2.too much download

3.too much work




Im pausing this project for ???? days

But! there is a chance i will release this map after sometime

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ffs im writing change istnead of chance...

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Yeah , you have to take a break

By the way i don't care how much download it has or fps it takes :D


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:P i was thinking about istnead again doing vice.. im not sure

ill try to fix all the bugs and remake the whole script

if i succed then vice is back

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70% That lags are fixed

here's my friend fps:

1.Original MTA:38

2.Before on Vice:30

3.After: 38-40


and we are working on more scripts such as:

Garage System

VCPD System

And current progress:

Changed Scoreboard Colours to Pink (Adds more Vice Feel)

And some funny stuff, why not?:

Grand Theft Auto : Angry BirdreasQOEAqXO.jpg


and a nice floating egg...

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That's an awesome work what you are working it's look prefect i would recommend you to make sure that there's no more lag because i hate lag and if there's some lag and i can't play as i want then i will just leave the server : O YEAH so you should make it less laggy 50 - 55 FPS at least anyway you did a great job in the map and i liked the HUD and radar it's just perfect! Wish you a good luck and i'm going to follow this so keep this work on!


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and yeah fps issues are already being fixed

as i mentioned now i have 101 fps just like i have in original mta, but in some areas it drops to like 97 93

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Project will have slower development (or developement or whatever you spell it lol , english is my not native language)
Because im working on something other with my friend which will be an RPG server with a lot of features

idk if he will post it here because his server is going to be only in Polish language afaik

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So the project continue ?

With a friend, I try to convert VC map but still get problems with positions of some models or models are missing :(

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yes the project will continue even propably in 2017

and the problems are normal , its because the converter doesn't know which id is right and which is bad

for example in here fort zancudo flags replace the doors which have their own physics and move when you get in them.. it looks funny and propably i will even leave that because it adds some spinning effect for the flags

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