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----THIS HAS BEEN RELEASED! CHECK PAGE 12!!---- And his lame pictures™   Short answer: its continuation of original vice city map done by Rockstar games which works on san andreas engine.

Finished OceanView Hotel *New Vegetation *New Model *New Textures *Original Interior (Will change asap when i will find a good texture)

Free to use now! have fun

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Do not a possibility of vice city map other place ? Example on the water or any normal place somewhere other than at the up 

example here?



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You would need to reconvert the map with Scene2res or change all positions manually (Or maybe someone has a tool which can simply replace the positions?)
But if you want to make it like CodyL (where he had SA and VC map togeher) then it would require more than just swapping the positions , since it changes San Andreas models to VC ones
I made it on 0 0 0 to make it easier , not go out of bounds and make the Radar easily replacable

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Ahaa made that when I had my V1 streamer; what I used there was an unstable mess compiled of streaming out / streaming in stuff on the go. It was a huge complicated mess that didn't work as intended I would highly highly recommend against trying to achieve that, MTAs streaming system is too unstable to support it.

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Just create folder like "maps" and put there all these files and just start resource?

edit: i put this resource on default server and start like resource and there is a black screen in server..

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