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And his lame pictures™


Short answer: its continuation of original vice city map done by Rockstar games which works on san andreas engine.
Whole map concept is to do a stable VC Map including more objects.

As an official idea i will be adding GTA V things such as: Radar , Skins , Weapons , Vehicles (but with custom liveries/textures like VCPD Cruiser) etc.
Some GTA IV Vehicles or Skins are there too (For example Police Merit or Lycan Bike , its just to add better atmosphere and make it more realistic.)

Note: More Screens availible in Other posts

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Man, so nice, i like it, looks pretty good, nice work. Are you going to share the script/map?

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i don't know

keep in mind its a bit edited scene2res converted map (so it lags a lot + sometimes its buggy as hell) but i will try to make it most stable as i can

also it will be on my server

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Since you have a low fog distance I'd recommend you lower the LOD distance by quite a bit (If there are even LODS) will help with lag a lot. Also a static load on initial join if you're not already doing this.

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i don't have lod yet thats why the distance is low

static load? idk about that , last time i did that it lagged my mta lol

//edit alright so next thing will be getting LOD's to work
wish me luck ^^

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When using a static load it initially loads up everything at join, so no lag of objects loading / unloading after the initial load.

I used it with my original streamer and it helps a lot.

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If you keep the LOD distance quite low, you can use the HIGH objects as LODS. I myself was able to max draw distance and use the HIGH objects as LODS but I cannot tell the trick to that quite yet.

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thanks , ill see what i can do

at first i was thinking about reconverting the map with scene2res , after that copying the whole lod table and manually adding all lod model id's to normal objects but thats crap ton of work


Added Music and Bar into Malibu Club
Music - GTA 4 Tbogt Electro Choc (Whole radio)

Bar - Edited Grand theft international script (still needs some work , also its in polish language ONLY for now)


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How did u get it working?


i used the program, but if i load it into my server, nothing happens, just a flickering SA World

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change "preserveMainWorldIntegrity=false" to "preserveMainWorldIntegrity=true" and should work

if not then idk , worked for me lel



//edit Even more PROGRESS!


*Removed Fake shadows

And now i need help

does anybody know which vegas road is that?


and also even more...

fixed missing canopy texture (even tho i will propably change the model to gta 5/gta 4 one or change the textures to high quality ones)

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^Looks very good dude, cant wait to test it, and its performance. A long time i was looking for a method to port Vice City to MTA:SA. Its boring to see on every server the same map. What about the size, how big will the "Server Download" be? I have tried to port Liberty CIty. It has about 260mb's

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Map: 270-340MB
Rest: Well... whole server might have like 970MB (because im using GTA V stuff too like Cars Weapons Vehicles)

im trying to milk the whole engine lol


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haha :D

btw: It looks like the road at the beginning of Las Venturas (if you come from SF Bridge)


are you gonna to release a small proof of concept? I really want to work hard on this.

This gonna be the future of MTA (Leaving San Andreas)

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small proof of concept?

you mean like what is the whole server about?

if yes then:

Server will be something like GTA Online but done in MTA SA

it will have most of GTA5 (and Maybe gta 4) + GTA Online Beta stuff

Including vehicles weapons skins etc

basicly its like you are playing gta 5 online but in vice city and worse graphics

also the whole goal is to remake the vice city textures/models + make it more alive


maybe later i will even add crystal mv's peds resource , maybe police bots which chase you when you have wanted level and add some misc pedestrians like bum's in the alley's or police officers inside the police station

//edit now time for some remodeling...
im doing the building from last VCS Mission... it will be a bit of work because vice city stories model's are placed a bit different than VC ones

for example if i use this building straight from VCS then there will be 2 roads.. thats why i need to open my 3ds max and edit the whole building (not even ONE model but some of them)

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nice idea, but its gonne to increase the hardware requirements isnt it?


Would you send me (maybe a little part) of the vice city map? i want to create the whole Vice City including the story in MTA as an 8 Player multiplayer mode. Scripting is easy for me, but im not getting my converted map 2 run correctly. The problem is, i need the Vice City map including all the proper coordinates for it. some missions i recreated for the SA map, but its not the correct feeling. Or you may explain me exactly what i need 2 do with the converter application.

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yup he did it sometime ago

+ you can download the newest version in the description i think , its newer than the one on forums

//edit f00k

houston we got a problem

VCS PC edition model is locked.. so.. uhhh

ill try to do a work around

Wohoo... works.. kinda..

now time to put an vcs model there

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//edit After some trouble with "File is missing" and not loading objects...

its still not finished , the ground model which i showed up there is broken as hell


//edit again..

ill leave it as it is right now

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so ill show some of old stuff which was not showed in this topic

Such as: Some vehicles , Some textures/objects and Nametags

VCPD (yet not finished)
Vice City Shool bus
Santo Capro Swift


Brucie's apartament from gta 4 (Bad prelight)

im also waiting for some ideas because idk what i can add next

i know that these are planned:

Trailer park from VCS near sunshine autos

VCS has construction site istnead of sunshine autos and a small shop named sunshine autos (lel wut , english skill 100%) so i will do something like this but istnead Original VC sunshine autos will still stay

Maybe i will add the fun park from VCS (Including working ferris wheel , which you can ride!)

VCS Military Base

San vice Aircraft (already added)

Replace Cortez yacht with gta 5 one (Propably next thing)

Replace More Palms/Trees with GTA 5 Ones (Old gen and next gen)

VCS interiors (+ Maybe option to have own Empires and robbing VCS Shops)


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