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Chaos Elite Clan Looking For MTA Division Leader


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You play Runescape???

I gave up on that ages ago when I did all the F2P quests

WTF does Runescape have to do with this or any of MTA?? I mean come on you tard. Also DONT SPAM LIKE YOU ARE!!!

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LOL a kicked out Skull Breakers Clan member using SB in name and asking to lead some CE clan did u guys kick ur leader out for his childish behaviour and full of gltiching acts? OMG this is so freaking funny flame this makes u look so freaking cheap u changing from one to another and using other clan name and signature and stuff, no wonder u got kicked out of clan u aint worthy of none and as i remember once the leader of ce clan saying " sorry flame no offense but you aint good " Anyways this topic is old and no replies as flame aint reading so better close this.

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yo I took command of CE MTA div again sry

u can delete or lock this topic if u want

and topgun whoever u are, u can shut the fuck up. after i offered flame a better place in CE he left the SB and its bullshit. u speak of ths SB like its an actual clan. pfft, its jsut a bmuch of noobs with their head up some spoiled little childs ass(killer). i admit flame isnt the best MTA player, but he has done alot for the CE. if it werent for him CE would have died the moment i got laid and stopped paying attension to this clan. hell, topgun u should try that. then maybe u wouldnt spend all your time on your computer throwing hate at topics. (A girlfriend in an mmorpg doesnt count)

LOL flame you disaapoint me man . YOu are no more in our clan and i dont know how come i missed this post. Well now u can recruit for CE members all u want. Thanks for Key u provided and in return u got ur mta server but now all is lost. Later dude nice meeting you.

lmfao killer. do you think you are a superior in mta? because you own a half dozen shitty servers? nobody even respects your power because you have used it to ban everyone with skill from ur server for "hacking".

here is how it is. you ban several sklled people, which equals more noobs in your server, then those noobs report the skilled people you missed to you so you can ban everyone else. here is an idea rangeban , itll save you some time

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