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mta problems when try to join game


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ty all try that cause i just freshly installed and all that and now its saying

i get a blank MTA error options are yes no...


ERROR:unable to copy "weapons.mta' to 'weapons.data'.\r\n\r\n You may want to do this manually. Continue? press yess again

then i get another error

You are running a modified copy of MTA client reinstall.

k then i reinstall game reinstall mta and same thing comes up go downloud the mta .5 pop in my newly purchaced vice city and i get the same thing can some1 help me please. i havnt done anything to it i got no clue i never installed any trainers or such. its not like its a elligal copy or anything and it was workin perfectly fine before for about a day went to sleep get up dont wana work suspected trainer useage watever cant get away from that then i get that stuff going on am i banned or somethin cause says ever server i try to go into ?? :roll:

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alright now i finaly got my mta past weapons.data and all that crap ^^ now i get a new error lol i seen around but still dont no how to fix looked for couple hours now alrighty

it kicks me out for suspected trainer useage i didd what he told me before reinstall mta then i get problem below

Microsoft JET Database Engine error '800004005',/font>

Invalid argument

.line 55/font>

i am sure u no whats going on with it lol all be keepin eye on my msn yahoo and here

i reinstall delete put all in right folders umm dont matter how many times reinstall all that i just downlouded .5 mta and server patch and all that i also submited this in another chat so all be checkin also different places

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