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WWW server stats


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Hi all,

I would ask you that do someone has got a script like phpMTAS but witch will work in MTA 0.5. I had phpMTAS but it doesn't work in 0.5 :/ ??

Can you help me.

btw. I don't have global stats (!gstats), I need something like phpMTAS. :D

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I creat a phpscript, i just search hosting to accept php function 'fsockopen()' and 'imagecreatefrompng()'. View preview here (just in french sorry,). Script in english for coming soon :wink: .

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*slaps oli with an mta team badge

yeah, some guy called masterphil was doin the same with the uva server...

It would be nice to have a good site with all the information, and statistics of servers, maybe a good idea for the Global Stats site? :P

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Put on the GRS global stats site wishlist.. on #2

After the server has been upgraded, it'll be possible (Agree Oli?)

Otherwise i'll build a mirc/mysql stats logging service for a local database, and a php script to display it... Might be a nice project. Skipping mIRC and building a exe to connect to the server directly would be nice as well. I'll contact the team about it (Oli?)

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Nope.. MTAMA logs are unreliasble for this, and it will be very slow.

Better is to create a database, and a client in MTAMA, with direct logging. Scripts for parsing logfiles are in my opinion out of the question.. they are slow, unreliable and most important: not realtime

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