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Car Location Maps?

Guest Senzuri

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I'm so sorry to be a nuisance, and I've already tried searching the forums, but is there any car location maps for 0.5VC out there? It would be greatly appreciated.

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OK, I'll have to find the time to do that, I guess.

I just need one for an RP community. We've just started up a VC:RP section. We're trying to sort out who owns which cars, etc, so I need a map with a key of who owns each car.

I doubt there is one for 0.5, as I know some car spawns change every few updates, and seening 0.5 is relatively new... There may be one for an older version I can update.

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  • MTA Team

the 0.4 map in useful topics is exactly the same I think but it doesnt work right now

unfortunatly the image is down and xenex is MIA, sorry.

Perhaps someone has the map stored and is willing to put it up or give it to someone to put up (in the name of xenex).

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