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Mta Promo Wallpaper

Point Blank

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  • MTA Team

hmm thats cute...

since its multi theft auto.. more action or teamwork would be more appropriate imo


Maybe have the pics spread out too?


getting rid of GTA and putting multi theft auto vice city would be even cooler

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Nice one, the pics look a bit distorted tho. (still gud) :)

I was also thinking about making a sort of mta commercial or trailer.

Its a gud idea i'd like to see more, also from the mta team about blue etc after they finish with 0.5.1 maybe. :wink:

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  • MTA Team
ransom likes pics spread out, maybe hell make his own :P

nicely done, g.

nah cause i suck with photoshop..


just offering some variety suggestions (more than 1, not just 1)

and HardCoRe.... stop bein a noob

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lol pointblanknub

if wallpaper > 1337 then



end sub

wouldnt it be "if wallpaper < 1337" anyway, its good so stfu

no, if its less then 1337, then trash it...tard :P

anyways, im no idiot, i know point on msn...im making fun is all :roll:

Yeh thats what i said, you put, "if its better than 1337 then trash it", makes no sense :P

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