MTA Forum is back online and with a new look!

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Dealman    34

This is a much welcome change, I've worked a lot with IPS's forum software in the past and it's an absolute blast to work with. Great job :D

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Jaysds1    2

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this and I'm currently enjoying this forum so far.

It was worth the week or 2 (i think) of it being offline.


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MIKI785    23

It looks nice but it seems to have less options for us users. For instance I'm not able to find an option to change date format, like I seriously wasn't born on the 21st month of the year 1997.

Also, time... i want my 24 hour format back!

Edited by MIKI785

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Fabervox    37

The Russian section of the forum there was a lot of flooding / spam about bans. Not something I wanted to intervene in the process of moderation ... But in this regard, there was a proposal to organize some places online.
That is to combine several post in one post, by gluing the new to the old. Of course we are talking about the possibilities of the moderators.

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fmj02    0

Display name changing option is missing, it was available before. Would be nice to see it again under "Edit profile".

Edited by midas

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jhxp    214

@midas it was disabled due to abuse. You can PM a forum administrator if you want to request an username change.

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