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How can I update my GTA VC 1.0 to 1.1?? i ve got the mta 0.5 but in faq its say in faq:

Crash when Vice City Deathmatch is loading

We're not sure what causes this, but we know that about 60% of these crashes can be fixed by upgrading to vice city 1.1 instead of 1.0. If you're already using 1.1, wait - we're working on it. (also see next)

how can i update to version 1.1?? anybody can help me??

i have this problem

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  • MTA Team

Sounds like you are usin a translator or halfway understand English so I'll keep it simple:

google GTAVC 1.1 patch, download, overwrite gtavc exe

chose v1.1 in MTA client

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Finally, you understand me im not using any translation my english is so so hehehehe you didnt understand me ransom, i wanted a patch 1.1 not a mta 0.5 ok?? thanks all i will teste now :)

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