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The "Untouchables" Was found on 15 March 2005 by Capone,

We currently play MTA:Vice City & Then hopefully MTA:GTAIII, AA & CS:S.

We still are recuiting, Vist our Site if you wnt to join. (link below)

  • :arrow: Untouchables Does Not Support Any Kind Of Cheating.
    :arrow: All Untouchables Members Are Told To Be Respectful To Other Gamers & Clans.



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FKU would like to be the first to have a GW with you

..Snice ur the 1st to ask u'll be the 1st to hav , but give us a lil time so other ppl & clan recognize us..

(go to our fourms if u wnt a GW, bear in mind wer still new & still recuiting)

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