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Carkills are fun, mmmkay


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Well.. I was driving around the airport and saw a guy trying to bat another guy who was in an unsynced dodo. I decided to run him over but something kinda wierd happened:


Yep, he got knocked through the wall, inside the helipad :lol:

Tools of the trade:


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Teehee, its fun when noobs run you over and you temporary ban them 8)

Wow so only new people to the game use cars to kill? So because you aren't allowed to kill with a car, I am guessing that its obvious that you are not allowed to shoot at a car if someone is in it, right?


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Car kills, are just a little stupid... and the HP should be decreased when hit.

As for the rest of the things -- "back shooters, flamers, dodo kills, etc." are all fine to me. Car kills just get on my nerves.. out comes a squeeling car through the corner during a 1v1 and BAM. Eighter he dies and I don't get the kill, or I do.

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I love the way people try to make up rules in-game:

"Hey, you can't shoot me from behind, lamer"

"I was afk you :O"

"You're not allowed to use the flamethrower"

"Carkilling's for n00bs but it's ok when I do it"

It's deathmatch... anything goes.

I get called "noob" "lamer" "gay ass faggot" "bitch" by KFC on a regular basis for doing anything not as -honorable- (:roll:) as a direct stubby fight.

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Most of us that don't like carkillers don't carkill jon. I just have to say why I hate carkilling is because

1. I always get carkilled by the same person over and over agin which has affected my stats even though I don't care

2. It doesn't have to do anything with me cause I can dodge cars perfectly, just not in the middle of a fight and it comes out of nowhere. "Look at the radar" as some people said before. What I have to say to that is it doesn't work in the middle of a fight because you are concentrating on the fight more.

Also about that backstabbing the only problem I have with it is because thats all people do everyday in VC. I just can't stand it anymore. I know that saying watch your back but its this extreme. You always have to watch your back before someone pulls a fast one on you.

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Here is my opinion of car-kills. CAR KILLS ARE GAY. People inside the car are AFRAID to come out of their car and get pwned. These people should be in the stunt server if they want to show their err emm.. whatever.

My opinion about flamers: Anyone can beat them. Take a shotty out and shoot at him while hes shooting at you. He fell down. Get the right timing and shoot so he will die. I killed many flamers this way :D




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Ill explain a lil better wieving rebels understanding powers..

I meant if thats would b called roadkill dude.. dont make users look like fools

with your "ingenious" coments.

It would only be called roadkill in America though. I've never heard anyone over here call it that.

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But isn't the name of this game Grand Theft Auto? One of the main concepts in this game IS to run people over? What do you do half the time in Single Player?

This is Vice City...or Liberty City...people. Anything can happen out there. That's what makes multiplayer so fun and unpredictable.

I understand that it can get frustrating when you've worked for a kill and if someone takes it from a car, but thats the unpredictability of this game.

I honestly dont see the point of the team working so hard to synchronise cars if most players make up unwritten rules that you can't use them to go on killing sprees.

Server rules i can understand, however its the unwritten rules that you are a "n00b" or "lamer" if you use cars or helicopters as a force of action.

You don't see that happening in Battlefield 1942 or Unreal Tournament do you? Ok, different games and communities but it's the same sort of concept here.

Without "carkills" or even "helikills" doesn't this game just turn into one huge game of Quake?....just with better graphics, better weapons and a bigger arena...

In my opinion Car kills add a variation to killing and an unpredicitbility about the game which is what makes Vice City (or Liberty) so fun to be in.

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