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Planned forum maintenance

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the MTA Forum will be offline for maintenance for about 5 - 7 days, starting from 1st of September, 2016 (keep in mind that the exact date might change).

The forum will be completely unavailable during the maintenance, so make sure to back up the content which you may need during that time. Only the forums will be affected, all other services will remain functional during the maintenance, so no need to worry about them.

The goal of this maintenance is to perform the upgrade of our forum software. Why will it take nearly a week though, you may ask? The long time is required to fully process all the essential data from this forum. And there is a lot to process, after all our forums are nearly 13.5 years old...

We will do our best to keep you informed through our usual communication channels - @MTAQA Twitter and #mta channel on GTANet IRC network.

However should you need help with MTA:SA or Lua scripting during that time, you can also visit our help channels on IRC - and #mta.scripting. We will have a nice webchat page in place of the forums which you can use for that.

Hope to see you again on the refreshed forums.

--MTA Team

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Moving to different forum software or upgrading to a newer phpBB version?

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Wouldnt it be amazing if we have backup forum?

For that they can keep this forum online, right? So I think they can not.

During offline days, you can just search for what you want in Google then add, after you find the thread you're looking for, click the green 'arrow' which you'll find after the link of the thread and then click 'Cached', this will open an offline cached page(you can't interact with the page like logging in/replying/etc.).

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