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Your worst/most embarrasing MTA moment


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If there is a worst computer day thread, theres should be a worst embarrasing MTA day thread too :D

Well my most embarrasing moment on MTA was on 0.3 {ULK} MTA Server. That time I was still a n00b and was complaining about a [KFC] jumping with a stubby. Then I got added to the stfu list coz I complained about it. Then I sent a msg to one of the admins in that server to plz remove me off the stfu list. Now since many ppl are jumping with stubby, I jump too. I feel so embarraseed :(

(No offence to anyone)

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one time noobie ran me over with a car, but i wasn't embarassed cuz he tried the whole night to kill me with weapons and... no dice. 8)

and one time i was fighting deathb and i had a urgent itch to scratch and i took my hand off my mouse to scratch and he killed me and acted like a tough guy for his only kill against me, little did he know i wasn't even fighting him atm... :P

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lol ..mine is nearly every day ...cos atm im the only girl who plays mta in australia ..and wen all my friends r like "hahah u just got owned by a girl" ..im like oh ..no ...here we go again ...

and it starts ....

the whole ..."omg ur a girl??"

"are u hot?"

"do u have any naked pics u can send me?"

"whats ur fave position??"

its like omfg grow up ..

so what if im a girl ..get ova it ...lol ...

its just really degrading /embarrising now ..at first i used to play along with it ..but afta 7 months it gets boring ...

hehehe but its still heaps embarrising :oops:

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