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Describe your worst computer day


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:( my worst pc moment:

when i doubled my ram and expecting for the lag in games to go away....didnt work...i needed a new video card :x

also when i got spyware on the pc and my dad wouldnt let me use it...it was hell! :cry:

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Uhm, when i was leaving a "special" app on and left my pc for a while. I didn't knew that it made my computer crash after 15 min. I came back and everything was... uhm... blank. I donno what happend but i had to chmod all my files back to get permission to my pc since it locked all my files. And no it wasn't a virus, just some stupid lame hdd crash.

EDIT: Yuk, seems like i've allready posted in this topic. Owell, my worst day just happend a week ago.

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the day i deleted my boot.ini (don't ask rofl)

i took all day to fix it, eventually putting the HD i cocked up into my shitty old computer as a slave to move back the file, only to find out that as it was on MY desktop, it was locked cus i have a password, oh joy :)

anyways i searched and found a backup file that wasn't locked and managed to fix it

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I havent had a really bad day (because i back stuff up), but one day i decided to try Window Washer.... (oh noez)

that damn program deleted what it thought was "unimportant files" and then all my programs from WAYYYY back didnt work nomore because it deleted 16 bit sub app file (lucky there was a back up from another program). and then when i tried to reinstall the OS....... OH NOEZ!!!

the f**king thing jammed and kept rebooting in a continous loop of trying to install the OS... so i formated it and then... it worked again

i thought Window Washer SCANS for files, then lets you chose "unimpotant" ones, but it doesnt! it deletes all sorts of stuff and doesnt let you know what it deleted!!!

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mine was a week ago, I was happy with my new windows xp x64 edition. but my sound card and my LAN drivers weren't able to run on x64 and there weren't new ones so I decided to step back to x32 again. Omg then the hell started. 1st my harddisk went crazy. It made a lot of devices that were undifined and then my normal C: station was now station G: then only half of my harddisk was accessable and all my drivers were messed up and I could not find them (later I discovered that all the cd labels were ****** up) and my 2 DVD players can't play DVD's anymore and there are drivers, but they won't download from AOpen and sony. now My harddisk is ok again but my DVD is still ****** up. So I went to my PC shop and they "fixed" *cough* it. that costs me € 16.50. And the problem isn't over.

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Is this Topic really necessary :shock: ? I think it's sorta spam thread.

But however..

When i formate i sometimes save my work / project files sometimes if it's

big important files that i have worked long time on, but if it's smaller files that i don't use much or are old projects then i don't save them due to my CD's. If i have none left then i can't save anymore so old projects aren't so much of a deal to save but bigger projects i can't formate without them.

Okey here goes

Once i forgot to save my backup files to my own website and some other projects then i formated my comp :S, and that took alot of time to work back onto.

I have gotten plenty of viruses i think losing your backup is worse, especially when you work alot on it, some that doesn't work much with those things don't think it's big but if you spend months of work at those things it's really big ;)

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  • 4 months later...

6th of Jan 2006

I tried to save my (very important) coursework and accidentally dragged my ipod into my flash stick :shock: , it crashed both my pc and my brand new ipod, and when i restarted it crashed again, and again. then i removed my ipod but i couldn't reboot so i had to leave it for 10 hour to run out of power, then i had to reinstall my pc (turned out it had got corrupted in the crash) and then i broke my Win xp cd (lukly after install).

The morale is, don't try to drag your ipod on to your mem stick.

I don't know if the error was one off or not, im scared to try again (understandably).


NO2 was a while ago, i wanted to reformatt my disk and so i copied my stuff to my laptop, after the reformatt i found out my pc had stopped copying because a system file was in us and didn't think to continue after, so i lost all the work on my pc except some admin stuff from before it stopped (stupid winxp

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This is the story of how everything in my house got stolen.

About four years ago I was on vacation, when I got back to home I find out that everything is stolen. My TV, PC, microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker and my CD wallet got stolen. Therefore, all of my CDs got stolen. Well, I told myself that it was nothing, and started building up again.

I don't wonder if that burglar posts in any other forum about story how he became rich.

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The day a fly went into my computer fan. The fan broke and nearly fried the computer (I bought another fan). Now, I have to hit my computer fan to stop shaking. Also, before I got firefox. I was backing up stuff and formatting every single week (no shit!). Lucky I found firefox!

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How about the time I deleted the Windows ini file & having to reinstall Windows? Then the time my mom's mouse froze in the middle of the screen. It took me a week to finally get it fixed but not before a huge headache with buying a 2.0 USB PCI card from Staples to find out it didn't even fit in her PCI slot. :lol: Then there's the time I had a Cool Web Search virus spamming gay porn popups on my pc every 5 minutes which would minimize my game in the middle of online gaming. I think my worst pc day would be the day I woke up and found out my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphic card cooked itself in the middle of the night as I slept. It took my over a week to figure out this was the problem tho because the picture had yellow bars all over it. I couldn't read anything. I got a new 500 Watt power supply thinking maybe it was just underpowered. haha That wasn't the problem but oh well I got a 500 Watt power supply. woohoo I ended up replacing it with the fastest card Staples had which was a crappy Radeon 9550. :( This card is a slow piece of crap.

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when my computer got the worst virus in the history of everything :(

my cpu usage was at 99%, so i restarted and when i did this stupid program in my system tray kept on flashing "ad-ware detected CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE!1." then everytime the files were deleted, they would just be replaced by some weird string in the registry. i was about to use my system restore, which probably would have saved me a lot of trouble, when good ole' windows decides to give me funky error messages when i try to use it. long story short i had to send all of my files to the other side of my partitioned hard drive, and reinstall windows. even when ireinstalled windows, system restore refuses to run.

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my worst day was when i played gta sa about the first time...

then i got on the biggest mountain and jumped with a car...

the my car started burning but my pc hadnt survived for some reason and the game stuck just before the explosion...

after like half a minute i started to feel the smell of light smoke and when i opened the computer i saw some plastic after it got sicky on my video card.

the worst thing is that it was a new machine and i payed like 900$ for it...

then i got it to the shop and they repaired it after a week (and this was a very long week :evil: )

now i got my repaired computer...

thanx god...

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Well, this would have been my worst day ever, but I managed to fix it...

It was my first BIOS flash, my board being a little older (ASUS A7Pro).

Well I flashed my ROM with the wrong bios, yes that's right.

Dead PC, no beeps at all, nothing.

Could you believe I had an old ASUS TXP4 laying around which just happened to use the same sized BIOS ROM as my A7Pro....

So I throw together a pc with the TXP4 and boot it up, at which point I removed the BIOS ROM while the pc was running.

From there I placed the BIOS ROM from the A7pro into the running TXP4 board, performed a proper flash and again remove the ROM while pc still running and insert the original.

Reboot TXP4 and all is ok.

So I put my newley flashed BIOS ROM into the A7Pro and hit the power button.........Nothing............

I was sooooooo mad at myself. Not only did i flash the chip with the wrong software, but I also scratched my A7Pro mobo with the screwdriver I was using to remove the chip in the first place.

Lucky for me the scratch wasnt too deep to short anything.

After a break and a doobie, I returned to my A7Pro with only a little patience left.

I decided to clear the cmos by removing the battery, but that didn't help either. Upon further investigation I noticed "Clear CMOS" printed on the mobo underneath two pins. As soon as i shorted the two cmos pins my pc booted right up. Set all defaults in BIOS and off I went.

Since then I am much more cautious, but have also gained some pride for my efforts in correcting my issue.

Other than that, my biggest issue is with that stupid symnatec partition magic, ALWAYS back up ur files before messing with partitions. And remember, knoppix, ect. will read a RAW file format lol.

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:lol: I was tinkering with a fan I had on my CPU while the comp was on, sparked on the mobo, and the whole comp went off. So I thought.. hmm.. this thing just got skull f!cked with electricity..

I let it be for a day, then tried starting it... no juice..

So, I said to myself.... you know what, f!ck it. I took a static charge making thing I had, and I had the arc hit the chipset on the mobo, then turned off the power to my whole room, then turned it back on, reset the mobo entirely, and reset the PSU. sprayed the whole mobo with electrical contact cleaner, etc. Let that dry, then tried starting it... worked fine. :lol:

Moral of the story: Kick whatever you're trying to fix in the ass, It'll work Juuuuust fine. :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

My worst computer day was 3 or 4 days ago.

For awile i had 2 IEXPLORE tasks always open, I assumed there was a virus on my pc because when i tried to close them, they re opend.

I find the file that was re opening them, i delete it, all seems fine.

Then, a couple of days later, my computer gets f**kd up

Couldent acces the internet couldent burn stuff. crappy performance,

Couldent back up my game saves games include

F.E.A.R. (finished that anyway so it didnt matter)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted ( Got 50 percent done)

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory ( 5 Missions done - No big loss)

The Movies ( Was up to the 1990's)

Painkiller ( No big loss)

But worst of all

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas :'( I had 50 percent done with 40 hours game time

And i could not back anything up because i couldent burn or upload to a free upload site or anything :'(

Not even my very good virus scanner or anything picked up that virus, it came, and owned.

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