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Describe your worst computer day


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  • MTA Team

Dont spam this thread with stupid stuff, its not a spam thread. Real story or comments only or dont post.

Describe what happened to you. It can be software problems, viruses, hardware dying, accidently messaged somethin to your girl that was meant for someone else (:shock: -yea i did that to my friend he was cussing some guy out and he hit copy and brung up the window so I quickly hit paste and enter, he freaked out, but that was FUNNY not bad :D).

Mine is:

I woke up one morning for school, I left my computer on all night because I had some download going (cant remember what it was but it was HUGE). I wake up to a blinking underscore in MSDOS. At this point I'm like "wtf...", naturally I try to reboot, but my computer just makes the most bizarre beeping noise and does nothing. My HDD had died. I went through school knowing I wasn't gonna be using the computer for a few weeks and I was gonna have to reinstall EVERYTHING. That happened last year, worst thing that happened since I started using computers around 1992. My computer wasn't acting up then either. Very evil surprise.

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ONE virus popped into my computer and it infected every single exe and put itself in multiple registry entries. It couldn't be fixed, and it kept spreading. Everything was crashing, and so on. Ended up with a total of 400 viruses and counting by the time i manually shut down and reformatted.

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  • MTA Team

I was working on my computer and all of a suddon it freezes (go figure). I think : no problem, it's just windows being a bitch. I press reset and the damn thing starts beeping like mad and the screen stays black. I try some stuff, nothing works.

I think : no big deal, i'll take the other system. Boot it up, into linux and all of a suddon my screen goes black. I press reset system boots fine but starts complaining that there is no power cable attached to the VGA card. So i open it up, have a look inside and just at the moment i'm looking at my VGA card i see white smoke coming out of the PSU. I was like : SHIT !!! :evil: .

So now i have 2 systems down, only a laptop remaining. So i go online with the laptop, but i coudn't stand it so i started messing with the first system and got it booting after resetting the BIOS.

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when a folder in my hard drives main directory called "temp" got deleted by some dumbass spy-ware uninstaller. i went to add/remove programs to uninstall some piece of spyware crap (bargain buddy i think), and when i pressed uninstall in its uninstaller program it started to remove lots of shit, and also my temp folder :roll:.

i had at least 30 gigabytes of stuff in there... lots of pictures, website layouts, tons of video (that can never be recovered :cry:), a list of all my serial keys in a .txt file (for backup or quick reference), and just lots and lots of the most valuable stuff on my hard drive :cry:.

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  • MTA Team

rebel: yep, forums are too lame being all technical support. I need a good read.

mad: I remember you telling me that lol, I give you the award for worst day ever cause of that (who knows maybe it gets better...)

I thought I had it bad... if that happened to me blokker I would be extremely freaked/pissed. Thats alotta money.

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  • MTA Team

my comp got infected cause i was dl'ing crap, then my dad gets pissed. we got it rebooted. within a month, guess what happens.

well at this moment in time, im not a complete retard, and any viruses will only be sendind harmless information like my personal details and serial codes etc.

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  • 4 weeks later...

mine was a bout a month ago ...

i was trying to play mta ..and do a drawing ...

so the comp though itd b a bitch ...

1st mta crashes ...and wont let me ingame (some 2x45237284..error(sumthing like thats anyways)

then i go get a drink ..come back to find my bfs mum on the comp ...on solataire (she had closed my drawing (4 hrs work ..just gone ....(that taught me to save every 20 mins .,..))

then i kick her off ..and try mta again ..i get in ..(finally ...(after like 3 pages of .."disconnection timed out ....."))

then the server times out ..and my game crashes .....(im like bout to take a bat to the comp ...)

then i get back ingame ...and im riding on the back off my friends bike ...and he falls of ..i jump back on with no driver ..(and guess what ...??..the dam game crashes again....)...

thats 1 of the worst computer days ive had ....

and also wen my bfs dad formatted his comp ...(and my bfs comp)...and vc got deleted off them both ..and i dont have the discs ...

they were my friends ..so i had to go w/o vc for 3 months :cry: ....

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I was using Mandrake(mandriva) 10.1 one month ago and i was installing the frglx drivers for ATI. I messed up the module and of course the whole kernel :shock: . I lost my homework for tommorow and my creditcard number. It's ok now, i've installed Fedora Core 3 and it works fine.

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  • MTA Team
my worst day is when i left on my pc, woke up for school, and i found out the power supply died, then i took it to the shop, went back a few weeks, the shop was gone, i was so angerd.

Whoa, seriously? Thats some FBI investigation type shiat

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Mine was when my hdd died, i had made so many maps to a game (Delta Force - Black hawk down) and had spend :shock: amount of time on em, and after a reboot it wouldnt start up...no boot device :evil:...and i was like : :shock::?:twisted:

Lucky i know a guy who know about 4568 times more about computers than me, so i went to him, and i was so lucky the hdd wasnt 100 % dead, it could atleast be seen in dos on his system, so he could copy all my files to his hdd, its a simpel command :

Open DOS


xcopy C:\myfiles F:\myfiles /s

That will copy the folder

(cant remember how to create folders in dos, but just create the folder in the system the files gonne be copied to)

I hope it can help some1 who will have hdd death's in the future, coz as we all know its just a matter of time before they screw up :(

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well i'm a noob to this forum so dont joke about me!

my worts comp day wasi was typing this long ass letter for my company and in my rush i never saved as i continued so 4 hours later the main power to the building give's up on me close to the end

when we finaly got power back i not only lost the doc but the vid card too :evil: due to the power surge

Good part i got a better card now and game's run so fast now

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  • 1 month later...

1. i had some probs with my pc i need a dll i searched the net and i saw a prog wich installs a lot of helpful stuff i installed it it told me to restart i did then i am like "WTF" the taskbar and everything wouldnt show up

2. i had a power failure my pc was going on and off i switched it off at the plug next morning i started up the pc then at the loading of xp my pc just restarts ramdonley :x had to wait for 8 hr's

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

I had norton systemworks 2005 before ( dont have it anymore ) and i had to install updates so i downed the updates but there was 1 update for norton goback ( recovery program ) and i didnt install that one because i updated that before and it takes sooo long to install that update, i had to go off the pc so i thought: i install that update tommorow. The rest of the updates i installed ( took 30 secs :P ). When i tried to start the pc next day, i got 45 fckin errors of norton goback, everytime the pc got to the login screen of windows xp, it crashed again and restarted and got 2329786 f*ckin errors of norton goback, hated that after trying 394848656 possible options we brought the pc to a friend of us who fixed it. That were my worst pc days :evil:

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