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i just got gta v.c today just for MTA. i download it it looks good i start up MTA 05 and i hit the "start game" and a window pops up and then it freezes up and then it crash. CAN YOU HELP ME! :cry:

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You found the mod, you went to the trouble to buy the game, you found the forum, registered, posted (double posted in fact), yet you can't or wont go to the trouble of using the search button? Or simply reading the big Known Issues thread and the manual?

Seriously, this may seem harsh but when the information is freely available it gets rather irritating to still have people posting the same old already-answered questions.

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I've had a problem where loading the game using MTA or on its own did nothing aswell, what seemed to work for me was deleting the options file, which is in My Documents > GTA Vice City User Files > gta_vc.set

...you could try that :wink:

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