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Forum upgrade: phpBB 2.0.13

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  • MTA Team

Due to security issues with previous versions of phpBB (2.0.12 and older) we have upgraded our forums to the new version 2.0.13.

If you are running a forum yourself, please be careful and try to update/patch your forum as soon as you can. One of the security bugs found in phpBB 2.0.12 (and older) can be used to gain administrator rights and therefore the 2.0.13 patch is marked as Critical.

phpBB Group announces the release of phpBB 2.0.13, the "Beware of the furries" edition. This release addresses two recent security exploits, one of them critical. They were reported a few days after .12 was released and no one is more annoyed than us, having to release a new version in such a short period of time.


The first issue is critical (session handling allowing everyone gaining administrator rights)


A second minor issue reported to bugtraq several days ago was the path disclosure bug in viewtopic.php

Links to phpBB version 2.0.13:


phpBB post about version 2.0.13:


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  • MTA Team

Good idea to post...

I want to talk to you about that update for vcp forums

I think theres something blokker didnt do that I couldnt do as well... so it may apply for these forums too. Nothin big.

Catch u later

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