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Starting GTA: Vice City MTA

Guest Deesse

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When I connect to a server through ASE it just started Vice City. Is it supposed to be like that and if I'd click on Start Game I'd get into the game?? Cos I tried that and it just starts the single player game from the beginning?

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-install gtavc/gta3

-install mta

-install ase (optional)

-run mtaclient.exe

-click the "servers" button and you will see a list of servers

in ase you can configure your games in tools\options\games there you search for multitheftauto, then when you set the program location locate the mtaclient.exe, not gtavc.exe then when you double click a server in ase the mta client should execute and connect, then start the game in the client with the button "start game" once youre connected

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