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stupid mta5 erorr

Guest jason_jx

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hello there...

im able to launch mta5 sucsessfully but when i join a server and go to start the game i get a erorr saying that the version of mta that im using is modified. And this prevents me from playing the game :cry:

* im playing vice city with mta5

** and im running it from the official vice city cd...

*** and oh yeah i have the vice city 1.1 patch

what way is there around to fixing this prob?

thanks for ur time.....

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I got the same thing...MTA worked for me for about a week...thing is I do a lot of modding. I accidentally messed up my VC files and i couldnt work out what id done to make it crash, so I used one of my clean backup folders i made, and now i get the error saying im using a modded version of MTA(and im not). I reinstalled, and still nothing.

EDIT: I, by the way, am not using the 1.1 patch. My game worked, but MTA was crashing occasionally, so i installed the patch, and it screwed up my game, so i uninstalled.

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Uninstall GTA3 and/or Vice City then DELETE the folders left behind. Reinstall afresh and your game will be unmodified.

If you like to modify for single player then simply create a second VC install by COPY PASTING the original to another location and pointing all single player modifications to that one.

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