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ATS Dysfunctional (STUNT VIDEO)


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holy shit. this movie was unbelievable :D i started stunting a long time ago, and at one point i was able to do some crazy shit, but then i took a break from mta...

now i've come back, and stunting has definately evolved since, um.. last year :P when i used to stunt....

might you guys have a spot open on your stunt crew for an old-timer like me? (even though im 15) :P im willing to send some "demos" of some shit ive done in the past... also, im currently buying parts in order to build a computer which i will use as a dedicated server. My isp provides me with 1 mbit upload bandwidth, so theoretically it shouldnt be a problem to host multiple mta servers at once... although im planning to host a cs server as well :D

i'd like to contact you guys if possible... or, please contact me. add me on msn... th41@hotmail.com

thanks. please consider my offer :D i've tried starting my own stunt crew before, but int he end it was just friends playing around and running eachother over with bikes in mta :) it was indeed fun, but i think i may be up for something more "professional"

also, im quite capable of using Adobe After effects, and i have a computer with good processing power and ram, ideal for the job. i'd also be happy to help out with a site for your stunt crew. i searched, yet was unable to find a site under your stunt crew's name, so in case im wrong and you already have one, sorry :P

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