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Hello everyone,

I wanted to make my own Admin+ application...

Does anyone know where I can find Admin+ commands (not the MTAMA, but the realtime UDP commands)?

Or should i mail the MTA team for them?

thanks in advance,


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If you wish to contribute by making something akin to mtama then by all means feel free to consult with us and we can discuss your intentions and wether we feel it would be benificial or detrimental. 'Home brewed' applications that essentially hack into mta servers will not be welcome without Team agreement and consultation however. That way cheats and exploits lie.

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I just want to make a really good RPG system, but i can't work with MTAMA, it isn't flexible enough (for me then)

But VCES>Panther offered to help me, so everyone thanks! (Especially VCES>Panther :)

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The Admin+ interface isn't open source, and we don't support any 3rd party projects that use Admin+. You're welcome to investigate it yourself though.


Maybe if you opened up the source, he'd not have this roadblock - obscuring things only motivates some of the people here to do what they do.

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