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FSL - Fr4g.co.uk Stunting League ***UPDATED RESULTS***

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Well it's nice to see FSL going again, and a great opening night it was with a thrilling showdown between Mike and Teh.

Results for FSL 2005

Round 1

Saturday 12th March

[FSL]Teh vs Mike

[FSL]Teh = $7643 :)

Mike = $5153 :(

Result: [FSL]Teh goes through to round 2!

[FMJ]Oli vs TheNight

Result: Both disqualified for failure to turn up or answer

Saturday 19th March

littlewhitey vs XcR

littlewhitey = $5880 :(

XcR = $8628 :D

Result: XcR goes through to round 2!

MAD_BOY vs slothman

Result: MAD_BOY informed me he couldn't attend but slothman didn't turn up anyway, so MAD_BOY goes through to round 2!

Round 2

Monday 28th March

[FSL]Teh vs XcR

[FSL]Teh = Doing it at a later date

XcR = $12901

Twig vs MAD_BOY

Twig = Forefit :(

MAD_BOY = $4999 :)

FSL Website: http://www.fr4g.co.uk/fsl/

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so its me and teh, and mb faces the winner in the final or something?


Not Found

The requested URL /fsl/ was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.26 Server at dedi.gtford.net Port 80

noog f'd the webserver, its fixed now.

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XcR... looks like its gonna be a reschedule or you go through. Ive informed jani I cannot attend :(

Since you told me in advance, I will reschedule it. :P

When i get home I'll talk to you both on msn, maybe we can do it tomorrow (friday)

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