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DOWnloaD gostown paradise 7 Convert MTA


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Well first of all that's Gostown 6, secoundly; Heretrics is running a custom streaming system, also it's a very updated version of the original map. Also this is just a map generated with a convertor, any one could do it. Just not to the extent of how I did it.

Since I have not found even a google map, I'm just giving my leap

I love to have new mta map.

I am converting chenoby may now post to donwload

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novo mapa convertido gostown paradise


1> baixe mapdelete

2> Download Map http://www.mediafire.com/download/1vq83 ... utput1.rar

obs; inicie servidor junto com mapdelete+mapagostow

apos estiver in-game digite /tp para se teletransporta para gostow

Comando: /tp

Nice job but too bad it's buggy AF, the models are great but the only thing is that some objects doesn't load, Badly placed, Bugging due the lack of memory.But overall it's great

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