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I dont know if this have been suggested before, the search option din not find anything. ....could trafficlights someway be syncronised? It would be great for streetraces if everyone could see a trafficlight turn into green at the same time...

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only that !countdown lags sometimes... nothing s perfect :roll: best way to start a race is to have someone shoot a shotgun

Eeuhm which packet is faster: someone shooting a shotgun or a admin talk ?

/me luvs idiots

hey dude thats not nice of you :x

dont tell me im an idiot, i know when i see somethin and there is lag from scripts..

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Boro 'lag' is causes my 15k big scripts (/me points to GRS)

Text is faster cause it is directly updated/visible

and the 'prepare-for-shooting'-animation takes some time (While that time equals 15k big script 'lag')

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you do realise that not everybody is aware of the technical aspects of this game, right?? i bet the most don't even know you're actually chatting on an irc channel behind screens..

MTA doesn't use IRC, the chat is hosted on the game server itself. MTAMA runs inside mIRC but doesnt require it to be connected to an IRCd to function.

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IRC as you know stands for Internet Relay Chat.. and thats what your doing. maybe not by using and IRC-SERVER, but that wasn't my point. my point was, that most of us don't know what happens behind the screens (as you painfully try to point out to me)

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