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European/North American Knockout (GTA3-SSV) - Starting Soon.

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Hi All Fellow MTA Players,

As The EUNA Knockout MTA:VC is hopefully ending next week, EUNA Knockout GTA3:MTA will be starting. Unlike EUNA MTA:VC it will only have 8 teams and it will be on Shoreside Vale.

Player Rules:

- No Glitching

- No Flamer

- No Bitching (Don't Be A Bad Loser)

- No Cheating/Modding

- No Spawnkilling

- No Carkilling

- No Dodokilling

Clanwar Rules:

- 3 Rounds (Attack/Defend/FFA)

- *No Weapon Pickups - Buy Only (Use Your Money and Goto Ammunation)

- No HP Pickups (No Running away to get Health)

- If your base is empty during your defense round and the opponents arrive (after GO) they will win that round.

- Your Whole Gang/Clan Must spawn as the same skin and it will be arranged at start of the match

- You must stay at your base until GO is called by both sides for each round.

- You must respawn with /kill each round if you didn’t die, then money will be reset.

- You may not respawn until the next round on death.

*NOTE* Flamethrower is disallowed to be brought in Ammunation


1: [DK] - Dodokillers

2: [ACK] - Anti Car Killers

3: =PCP= - Polish Connection Patriots






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