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An Admin addon for an eggdrop

Guest dhG.m0oVe

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Hi all :)

I think all of us have a problem..we have to turn on the admin everytime...it costs a little of ram and stuff...and i was wondering..can all of u scripters join up and make a admin tool for an eggdrop ? i have very good knowledge about tcl scripts and stuuf and it would be more usefull in linux dont you think ? give me some opinions...please..

Email : m0oVe@ForceSP.net or add to msn :)

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mtama (the most popular admin program, through which you run scripts) actually runs itself through mIRC, and mIRC only runs on windows. maybe you can use WINE on linux or soemthing, but personally i dont trust it.

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wait for blue and code a c type server admin system server side.

MTA:mA is not gonna be replaced before blue is out as its not worth coding a new admin tool for a soon to be out of date piece of software.

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