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This is an idea for a game I've had for awhile, perhaps I'll implement it in a game I write with my engine I'm working on, in the future, till now, it's an mta idea.

You have the option of connecting to a mta lobby / cafe / mezzanine thingy, where other, un-armed players can chat, and there are different doors and portals, that warp you to the servers they represent.

So in otherwords, its a virtual server listing, in like some (new) map, where ppl can meet and then choose to join a server as a group, and when you walk into one of theese portals, you disconnect from the public and warp to the server you chose.

Maybe it should be a hotel, and if you walk into a room with fellow players, your chat comments are bounded by the walls of the room (so only the ppl in the same room as you can see your comments) this would be pretty sweet for planning things out, and having private conversations "Get a room!"

I think this would be a pretty neat innovation for games in general, and for mta... now to figure out a away past that dumb 32 player limit... hmm, well It could just show the 32 most recent players when you connect.. well something to think about

edit: I thot of a way around the 32 player system, that could get up to like 128 ppl at once, however it woulnt be practile for game play, just lobby.

its simple: multitasking! each of the 32 models counts for four players connected, it just rotates between them... of course this would have a flickering problem.. but hey, they aren't ppl they are holographs! another idea would to just draw the models via DirectX, because blue will support that.. so unlimited players in the lobby! of course lag would still be an issue, but since it isnt actual game play I'm sure that could be minimized.


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So, your trying to say, A cafe implemeted in both MTA versions?

If so, these can be in:

VC: Malibu Club, Tarbrush Cafe, Ocean Beach Hotel

III: Hangar 1 at Francis International Airport, Ammunation in Staunton and Portland

I was thinking of a totally new map, but the Ocean Beach Hotel sounds cool too

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Good idea, and I can see it being very possible too. The only problem is it would get boring and people wouldent care after while. They would just use it as a 'safe zone' when being chased or something.

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neverwinter is fine but people that are more advanced than the rest of the people playing have no respect or decency unlike the game i mostly play :arrow: Conquer online wich is an awsome game with a great comunity and u alway's have things to do there it is not an dull as some online game's like N K and W O Warcraft i suggest u all try that game for 2 weeks it can be found on http://www.conqueronline.com and go onto Dreams server and Triumph sub server and then wisper my Character Dreamer (note caps are important)

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Sounds a little like a 3d version of the old HEAT lobby system. The problem would be you would need a central server of some kind purely to host the lobbies. Whos going to provide that? :)

GO WOJJIE! If you edit in some Wojjie banners into the Malibu I think it'd work :P

Reminds me of quite a few games, if you want a free example, download NetStorm (an old free game).

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Or they could change the banner that the airplane flys around with to the Wojjie banner. :D

Ah, the blimp for Wojjie advertisement also :P

Oh and overlap all those stadium banners

Lets not forget making all those newspapers floating around the city wojjie (okay i know they dont in MTA but still it'd be funny)

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