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i was in both the original {Ns} and the original :DNA: :)

..and for the sake of me not being flamed, my proof

[Original {Ns} http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=8073

(^^this gang was pwnage, i wish we had never given up on it and merged with kfc, o wellz :cry:)]

[Original :DNA: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=9455

(^^this gang was also really pwnage, we were the first ones to leave kfc, who was the dominant clan at the time with the most members and an undefeatable record, we were combination of the former clans =DA= (Deadly Assassins) and {Ns} (Night Shift)...and we pretty much just put the 2 names together and made :DNA: (btw I came up with the name :DNA: w00t w00t i own :P)]

...newayz just some info on some history in mta :)

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do not allow ripped clan names or copyed clannames to post here...

as they are only imitations and add to confusion...




i think NS was copyed as well??? what the :o..open for discussion?

If a name or tag can be recycled sucessfully it says something about the gang that held it..

I don't think we have a Hall of Fame where we retire gang tags (Not a bad idea thou)

Both NS, DNA and DA are no longer gangs.... I should know

A good example is how a gang tried to use the name VCK not to long ago... Even thou VCK was barely active it didn't fly because the gang didn't last and enough ppl supported/remembered/belonged to VCK to reject the name co opt

Let the market decide... Most times it's an unintentional coincedence and not trademark infringement.

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I can't count how many "VCK" gang have come and gone from mta. (overall It's not too original a name these days, but keep in mind we named ourselves before Vice city came out for pc let alone mta)

I spoke to a few of them, and most didn't want to keep a tag already used. the trick is to approach them without acting territorial or chestbeating and simply let them know that there is an existing established gang. either they are cool about it and change, or act like dorks and keep it and either die on their own or get sick of being called tag lamers/being confused with the other guys.

My best advise: you can't copywrite a couple of initials. Don't lose any sleep over it.

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to be honest i reckon that each gang should have their own distinctive name.

For example there's [VCK] and =VCK= but the First Vice City Killaz was :VCK.

And :DNA:, there was DNA_ as well until I told JunX and Dopey who forced them to change their name so theres only a [DNA] now.

It's confusing as :o!!!

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didnt know about these korps guys. Like bump said, it usually sorts itself out. People who actually want a good clan thats part of the community tend to give themselves a distinctive name anyways.

ugh, just went their site, and theres weird fecal pics in there. disturbing.

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VCK might have been an original name, but there are so many clans with really unoriginal (or rather unimaginitive) names.

Has another clan ever started up with even the initials FMJ?

Another advantage of being imaginitive is being able to expand easily. When MTA for San Andreas comes out there are going to be a lot of VC based gangs wondering whether they should change their name.

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