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MTA 0.5 Stunt Map

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thanks. must have taken you some time to make that.

About one and a half hours all together.

It did help that I knew most of them.

The thing that took the most time was switching between Vice and Paint Shop Pro because my computer was being slow.

Nice map =)

But two additional ramps on the Boat at the docks (sailor spawn boat)

Thanks very much, the images/links have been updated.

I thought a few were missing. is this a map for the current version of mta, or an older one?

The current version, definitely the current one.

I did it this morning since I woke up early and had nothing else to do.

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  • MTA Team

Yes very nice map... again thanks trx for using not only 1 but 2 of my ramps even though I broke the rules suggesting 2, I love those jumps. :D Really didn't expect to see them put in.

EDIT (original/new message reposted)

This certainly deserves a sticky.

Noone really did it but I looked over the section and saw this poor thing that was probably worked on a long time sinking.


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