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[ACK] - Anti Car Killerz (Recruiting) New Leader


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[ACK] is the Anti Car Killing clan. We do not like cheating or excessively carkilling if you want to join. We have a few rules to be in this clan.

1. NO CHEATING OF ANY KIND. You will get kicked ASAP.

2. You must not be an excessive carkiller. You should be a fighter.

3. If you find someone excessively carkilling do something about it. Team up and kill them don't whine.

4. You cannot team up with other people besides your clan members unless they help you kill carkillers.


[ACK]Taz- Leader
















(K3v1n quit, and busta joined =C= MrRage started his own clan.)

If you want to join just post here and give us your contact information. Or you can post at our forums.

[ACK] site - http://www.freewebs.com/ackblaze/index.htm

[ACK] forums - http://ack.servegame.org/index.php

Also thanks to njr1489 aka MP5:VCK for helping me build my clan.

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heh, a gang totally based on hatred of a different method of play. carkillers are the "campers" of mta :wink:

Overall I have never been bothered by car killers, as they are so damn easy and satisfying to kill.

/obligatory Good luck with your gang.

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I just want to say that the public challenge server SSV is now open to the public. Its hosted by [ACK]-VTEC. The ip is port 2003.

And the scripts are hosted by me until VTEC can find a way to host his own scripts. They will be on at 3:20 pm Aedst (Aussie Eastern Daylight Saving Time) every day until 8:30pm Aedst.

Admins are:






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