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Anyone got this script?

Guest TransamAddict

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Theres a script on the one sb clans server that u can buy beer, guns etc... with a stock market, you can sell cars, pretty much do anything.....its also not a clan based script. Does anyone know where i can get it?

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It's an RPG Script by Jax and Oli

You can get it here:www.mta-fmj.com/rpg.rar

Its rpg script of jax but extensively edited and mixed with other scripts so dont give false information jax script was very limited its been expanded to over 60 pages now original script was 40 pages long only. and the link u provided is not the link to Skull Breakers Clan server RPG script its something else and is a clan script which TransamAdict already mentioned he doesnt want the clan script so why give link to the clan script dude . Please read before posting.

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