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Great To Be Back!

Guest kiddo12

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All i can say is that,in the long time its been since i played this mod before all these great changes and added improvements...Its soo much bettor the way it is today.Keep up the great work

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MTA is the most origanal online game ive ever come across.I once had a dream that one day you could play gta online,like in the next installment.I drempt that rockstar would create a multiplayer addon to the next gta game for the ps2 and the pc.but they didnt.And these guys did.Now illadmit things wer very rough in the beginning.I was very fond of the game for just being here,but there wer a very limited number of MTA servers and i got banned from all of them because i was falsely accused of cheating because ppl couldnt shoot the broad side of a barn.that angered me sooo much,i stopped playing for like 2 years.now im back to see if there have been any updates and i just started to play .5 and am happy to say its the answer to my problems.YES ppl do still cheat BUT! the new vote system makes it so the ppl playing the game decided who gets kicked.Not pissed off adminsSo im glad to sit here today and play this magnificnt Mod.i was recently banned from the MXO forumsbecause i shared information about the beta that i was not supposed too along with expressing myself.The "ADMINS" and "Mods" of the Mxo forums are pricks.-Mxo.walrus- is the prick leader.My IP was banned entirely because of a simple comment.Thus the vote.So i end this with-

Thank you Woojie,MTA team,and all playersfor being here and being dedicated when I was not.

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I would also like to mention that I am a HUGE RedVsBlue Fan and a sponser to RoosterTeeth.

I own-

Caboose Hoodie

Caboose T's

Tucker T's

Sarge Chipathingy T's

Grif T's

Church T's

Seasons 1 and 2

and the soundtrack for sum reason.

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